English Breakfast AED 44
Traditional English breakfast with 3 eggs, sausage, smoked turkey, beef bacon, baked beans, grilled vegetables, hash browns and muffin.
Healthy Bowl AED 46
Poached eggs, quinoa salad, guacamole, tomato, grilled halloumi, Greek yoghurt and cup of mixed fruits.
Continental Breakfast AED 38
Freshly baked croissant, home-made cookie, jam, butter, honey, cinnamon roll and fresh juice.
Giant Breakfast AED 48
Eggs, sautéed mushroom, avocado toast, halloumi cheese, baked beans, sausage, beef bacon, sundried tomato, hash brown and choice of fresh juice.
Arabic Breakfast AED 38
Heritage Selection of foul mesdames, falafel, zaatar, herbed cheese, labneh, fresh tomato, rustic olives, mint, cucumber, served with freshly baked pita bread and halawa.

Egg Any Style

We are using certified organic eggs because not all eggs were created equal.

Three eggs, any style (poached, scrambled, fried or omelet) served with choice of our bread selection “Rye Bread (GF) – Sourdough bread – Croissant”. AED 22

Omelets or Scrambled Eggs

• Select your veggies: black olives –mushrooms – tomato – sundried tomato – bell pepper – eggplant – broccoli – baby marrow – asparagus 5 AED

• Select your protein: basterma – makanek - beef bacon – beef pepperoni – smoked turkey 8 AED

• Select your veggies: mozzarella – parmigiano reggiano – aged cheddar - halloumi – feta cheese6 AED

Al Sultan® Shakshouka (D) AED 28
Eggs in spicy tomato sauce with onion, chickpeas, bell pepper and crumbled feta cheese.
Egg & Basterma / Makanek AED 34
Authentic scrambled eggs with your choice of Oriental Basterma or Makanek.
Falafel Eggs AED 30
2 crispy fried falafel scotch eggs served along with Rocca salad.
Egg Benedict AED 42
Toast with avocado guacamole / sauce Hollandaise and 2 poached eggs, turkey ham, hash browns and Rocca salad.


All soups served with home-made sourdough bread.

Lentil Soup (V)AED 24
Traditional middle eastern lentil soup.
Chicken & Boccoli Soup AED 32
Creamy broccoli soup with chicken.
Sea Food Soup (S) AED 42
Gorgeous sea food stew in bright red sauce.


All our salads are made with the finest & freshest ingredients served with our signature dressings.

Fatoush (V) AED 24
Refreshing Middle Eastern salad with fresh crisp lettuce, tomato, mixed capsicum topped with crispy pita bread and drizzled with pomegranate molasses dressing.
Tabouleh Quinoa Salad (V) (GF) AED 28
Extremely nutritious: Packed with summer produce, fresh tomato, onion, fresh parsley, pomegranate, and mixed quinoa drizzled with lemon dressing.
Cesar Salad AED 32
Classic crispy lettuce salad with savory croutons topped with parmesan shavings and Caesar dressing

Add Grilled Chicken AED 38

Add Sautéed Prawns (S) AED 46

Rocca Salad (V) (D) (N) AED 42
Arugula leaves salad drizzled with tangy sauce and topped with apple slices, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings, caramelized pecan nuts and sun-dried tomatoes.
Shrimp Tricolore Salad (D) (S) AED 48
Distinct combination of beetroot, avocado paste and cocktail sauce topped with delicious shrimps.
Avocado & Halloumi Salad (D) (N) AED 42
Golden grilled halloumi cheese tossed with avocado, arugula leaves, parsley, figs and herbed croutons drizzled with Greek yogurt & lemon juice.
Couscous Salad (V) AED 32
Mediterranean salad of burghul with chickpeas, mint, caramelized figs, tomatoes, onion, baby marrow, mix bell pepper in lemon dressing.

Add Grilled Chicken AED 38

Add Beef Steak AED 44

Watermelon Arugula Salad (V) (D) (N) AED 42
Perfect refreshing summer salad: watermelon, arugula leaves, cucumber, buffalo mozzarella, walnuts, feta cheese drizzled with cherry vinaigrette.
salad salad

Appetizers - Cold Mezze

A Selection of homemade appetizers served with freshly baked bread.

Hummus (V) AED 22
Hummus with Beef AED 32
Moutabel (V) AED 24
Labneh Zatar & Pistachio (D) (V) AED 26
Vine Leaves (V) AED 28

Appetizers - Hot Mezze

French Fries / Potato Wedges (V) AED 18
Roasted Potato (V) AED 20
Roast potatoes with garlic olive oil, herbs and rosemary.
Potato Puree (D) AED 20
Mashed potatoes.
Potato Puree with Chicken (D) AED 28
Mashed potatoes with tender chicken pieces.
Potato Gratin (D) AED 28
Discover the authentic taste of French creamy layered potatoes.
Hash Browns (V) 3 Pieces AED 24
Vegetables Steamed / Grilled (V) AED 24
Herbed steamed / grilled seasonal vegetables.
Brussel Sprouts Boiled AED 24
Steamed Rice (V) AED 16
Loaded Fries (D) AED 32
French fries topped with hummus, Kraft cheese, avocado paste & chickpea salsa.
Spicy Potatoes (V) AED 26
Roast potatoes with spicy chili flavor.
Meat Kibbeh (N) AED 24
Middle Eastern meatballs in a shell of crushed burghul filled with minced lamb and pine nuts (4 pieces).
Stuffed Mushroom (D) AED 32
Portobello Mushroom stuffed with smoked beef and cheesy brown crust.
Chicken Liver AED 32
Sautéed chicken liver with pomegranate molasses.
Sambousek Meat / Cheese (D) AED 24
Fried dumplings stuffed with meat / cheese served with Arrabbiata sauce.
Fatayer Spinach / Cheese (D) (Y) AED 22
Fried dumplings stuffed with meat / cheese served with Arrabbiata sauce.
Cheese Roll (D) (Y) AED 26
Stuffed crispy pastry with cheese (4 pcs).
Basterma / Makanek Cheese Roll (D) AED 34
Stuffed crispy pastry with cheese and basterma / makanek (3 pieces).
Arancini (D) AED 38
Famous Italian stuffed rice balls coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. Stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, jalapeno and mushrooms (3 pieces).
Al Sultan® Buffalo Wings (D) AED 34
Hand-spun Chicken wings in our signature seasoning and Sriracha sauce.
Garlic Bread
Freshly baked organic flat bread served with 3 home-made dip sauces.

Basil & Garlic AED 16

Tomato AED 22

Cheese AED 28

Al Sultan® Appetizer Sampler AED 68
Perfect choice to share your starters. Sambousek, cheese roll, kibbeh, French fries, spinach fatayer, vine leaves, hummus, moutabel, with home-made dip sauces.
falafel fries nuggets chicken liver


Build your own pasta! Gluten-free pasta menu is available on request.

Beef Lasagna (D) AED 58
Classic baked home-made layered pasta with bolognaise sauce.
Penne Arrabbiata (V) AED 44
Penne pasta with traditional Arrabbiata sauce made from garlic, tomatoes, and dried red chili peppers.
Fettucchini Chicken & Mushroom (D) AED 54
Home-made fettuccini tossed with grilled chicken and mushrooms in a rich cream sauce with parmesan cheese.
Beef Raviolo (D) AED 64
Home-made ravioli stuffed with beef with wild mushrooms in a rich creamy sauce aged and parmigiano reggiano.
Linguine Frutti Di Mare (S) AED 74
Organic linguine with shrimp, calamari, octopus, mussels and tomato in rich aromatic sauce.
Linguine Prawns (S) AED 72
Organic linguine pasta loaded with zesty-garlic prawns, red cherry tomatoes and chili flakes for the warmth of aglio-olio sauce.
Spaghetii Alla Bolognaise AED 56
Spaghetti with traditional famous beef bolognaise sauce.
Spaghetti Con Aragosta (S) AED 108
Spaghetti cooked with fresh lobster in an aromatic tomato and basil sauce.
Tortellini Salmon (D) (S) AED 86
Ricotta & spinach stuffed tortellini with salmon in creamy cheese sauce.
pizza pizza


Gourmet Risotto Mushroom (V) AED 54
Classic recipe of risotto cooked with sautéed mixed mushrooms, truffle oil and fresh herbs.

Add Chicken

Risotto Seafood (S) AED 74
Special rice with ingenious blend of fresh sea-food (shrimp, calamari, octopus and mussels.


Neapolitan Hand Crust

Margerita (V) AED 44
Tomato sauce, mozzarella and torn basil.
Super Veggie (V) AED 48
Tomato sauce, grilled sweet peppers, eggplant, zucchini and broccoli.
Shish Tawook Chicken AED 49
Tomato sauce, tender grilled chicken strips and mozzarella.
Hawaiian AED 49
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked turkey and pineapple.
Diavola - Pepperoni AED 49
A simple favorite with spicy beef salami, tomato sauce and mozzarella.
Quattro Formaggi (V) AED 54
Creamy ricotta, goat’s cheese, gorgonzola and mozzarella.
Kofta AED 56
Tomato base, skewered lamb kofta and fresh cherry tomatoes.
Frutti Di Mare (S) AED 74
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, shrimps, calamari, octopus, mussels and parmesan.
Steak - ON AED 64
Tender thinly slices of rib-eye steak grilled to perfection, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rucola and parmesan shavings on a cream base.
Orientale - Basterma AED 58
Cream cheese base, Mediterranean basterma, roasted bell pepper, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings.
Al-Sultan® Four Seasons AED 58
Four sections with diversity of pepperoni, grilled vegetables, smoked turkey with mushroom and buffalo mozzarella.
pizza pizza


Zaatar AED 18
Akawi Cheese AED 24
Mixed Cheese AED 22
Lahem Bi Ajeen AED 27
Lahem Bi Ajeen & Cheese AED 29
Labneh AED 21
Labneh & Zaatar AED 22
Cheese & Zaatar AED 24
Turkey & Kashkaval Cheese AED 32

Sweet Crepes

Nutella & Banana AED 30
French style crepe stuffed with sliced bananas and lathered in Nutella.
Red Velvet Crepe AED 30
Sweet red crepe filled with cream cheese.
Ice Cream Pouch CrepeAED 35
French crepe pouch filled with flavourful ice cream.

Savoury Crepes

Kraft Cheese & Muhammara Crepe AED 30
Savoury crepes filled with kraft cheese & muhammara.
Pulled Shish Tawook Pouch Crepe AED 35
Pulled shish tawook stuffed in a savoury crepe.
Spicy Crepe with EggsAED 25
Savoury crepe served with spiced fried eggs.


Laham Arayes AED 20
Stuffed pita bread with lamb mince.
Arayes Dajaj AED 20
Stuffed pita bread with chicken mince.

Quesadillas / Murtabak

Lamb & Egg Murtabak AED 20
Stuffed bread with lamb mince and eggs.
Pulled Shish Tawook Quesadillas AED 35
Arabic chicken quesadillas with cheese and avocado in paratha.

Majlis Al-Sultan® Platters

Rib-Eye Steak (D) AED 82
Premium (250 gm) of rib-eye steak cooked to perfection, covered with peppercorn served with gravy mushroom sauce, potato puree and steamed vegetables.
Al Sultan Steak Roulade (D) AED 88
Has the mystery of the lost roman herb:
Brick-oven baked rib-eye steak wrapped up and stuffed with thinly sliced smoked beef, asparagus and provolone cheese served with roasted potato and rocket salad.
Fillet Mignon (D) AED 92
Premium cut of Angus beef tenderloin cooked to perfection, served with gravy sauce, potato gratin and steamed vegetables.
Chicken Parmesan (D) AED 64
Brick-oven baked breaded chicken breast “pizza style” sauce and topped with turkey ham and a lot of melted cheese served with arrabiata sauce, roasted potato and salad.
Chicken Halloumi (D) AED 68
The perfect healthy choice: Corn-fed chicken breast filled with grilled halloumi, fresh basil, sun-dried tomato and olive paste topped with creamy sauce and caramelized pecan nuts, served with potato wedges, fresh rucola salad and parmesan shavings.
Grilled Baby Chicken AED 58
Flame-grilled whole marinated chicken that's juicy perfect with our crispy French fries.
Lamb Chops AED 74
Herbed & char-grilled lamb chops served with saffron rice & rosemary herbed roasted potatoes.
Oriental Mix Grill AED 68
Heritage Oriental B.B.Q: shish tawook, lamb chop, lamb cutlets, beef kofta, arayes, grilled vegetables and French fries.
Veal Schnitzel AED 84
Milk-fed cutlet of veal escalope served with potato wedges, asparagus and vegetables.
Cranberry Duck AED 108
Roasted duck breast in a dried cranberry reduction & rosemary, served with roasted potato and rucola salad.
Herb Crusted Salmon (S) (D) AED 88
Brick-oven baked fresh salmon with lemon capers sauce laid on bed of organic quinoa served with steamed vegetables and Al-Sultan® seafood rice.
Sea Food Tajin AED 94
Sea food Stew of calamari, prawns, and octopus topped potato brown crust served with Al-Sultan® seafood rice.
Royal King Prawns AED 114
Savory spiced grilled king size prawns served with Al-Sultan® seafood rice.
Char-Grilled Seabass AED 98
Mediterranean excellence, char-grilled sea bass fillet marinated in chermoula, topped with herbs and olives served with roasted potato and chermoula sauce.
Sea-Breeze Platter AED 176
Sumptuous grilled seafood platter: king size prawns, octopus, salmon fillet, mussels, and grilled calamari served with Al-Sultan® seafood rice.
Al-Sultan® Surf N Turf AED 248
Enjoy your own fusion!
The SURF: choice of king prawns / lobster
N: choice of calamari / octopus / shrimps
The TURF: choice of grilled premium Black Angus steak / milk-fed veal served with choice of fresh pasta / home-made ravioli / Al-Sultan® seafood rice / crispy fries.
platters platters platters

Main Course

Majlis Al Sultan Special Chicken Majboos Rice AED 55
Oriental basmati rice cooked in our homemade flavourful chicken broth with mildly spiced chicken and toased nuts.
Spiced Spatchcock AED 55
Harissa marinated whole grilled chicken served with a zesty rocca salad.
Chicken Shawarma Platter AED 50
DIY chicken shawarma served along with sumac dusted onion, tomato salad & freshly baked pita bread.
Shish Tawook AED 30
Served with grilled tomato, onion and french fries.
Bharat Spiced Beef Hummus AED 30
Hummus topeed with Bharat spiced minced beef served along with freshly baked pita bread.
Grilled Salmon AED 80
Cilantro & lime marinated grilled salmon served with green lentils & grilled asparagus.
Rubiyan Mumawash AED 55
Traditional lightly spiced rice cooked with green lentils and prawns.
Grilled Tiger Prawns AED 85
Chermoula spiced grilled tiger prawns served with spicy mushroom rice.
Fish & Chips AED 60
Crispy battered codfish served with thick chips, tartare sauce & mushy peas.
Spinach & Mushroom Potpie AED 60
One pot baked creamy spanich & mushroom casserole.
maincourse maincourse

Little Ones' Meals

Served with fresh juice.

Kids Pizza AED 34
Spaghetti Alla Bolognese AED 34
Chicken Nuggets & Fries AED 34


Lagaimat AED 20
Sweet dumplings topped with Nutella / Caramel sauce.
Kunafa Cheese AED 20
A heavenly turkush dessert made with cheese and shredded.
Fruit Sundae AED 25
Exotic fruits layered with ice cream, whipped cream and nuts.
New York Cheesecake AED 25
Classic New York cheesecake served with whipped cream and berries.
Umm Ali AED 25
A warm traditional bread pudding topped with coconut, almont, dried raisins and pistachios.
Chocolate Fondant AED 35
Soft - centered rich chocolate pudding served with creamy vanilla ice cream.
Bubble Waffle AED 35
Classic bubble waffle with a choice of ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries.
Hazelnut Dream AED 35
Chocolate bubble waffle with hazelnut ice cream, Nutella, crushed hazelnuts and chocolate wafer rolls.

Ice Creams

Pick from our tempting selection of different flavours and find your favourite gelato or sorbet.

One Scoop AED 15
Two ScoopsAED 28
three Scoops AED 35

Choose Your Toppings

Regular Toppings AED 2
Premium ToppingsAED 3
ice cream

Speciality Tea

Single origin teas, enriched classical blends and exotic infusions exclusively sourced from the finest tea gardens around the world. Most come from organic certified tea gardens and all teas are processed using artisanal techniques by qualified tea sommeliers and are free from artifical color and flavour enhancers.

Jasmine Silver Needle AED 30
White Tea - delicate and velvety jasmin silver needle tea, infused with fragrant fresh jasmine flowers and a rare tea speciality with is harvested only from late march to early April.
Hibiscus'N White AED 18
White Tea - silky white tea with an oriental touch of hibiscus, star anise and cinnamon (partially organic).
Moroccan Mint (100% Organic) AED 18
Green Tea - Refreshing mix of organic gunpowder green tea and nana mint.
Milk Oolong AED 18
Oolong - superior oolong infused with extracts of milk, vanilla and cream.
Lapsang Souchong (100% Organic) AED 18
Black Tea - Gently smoked with pine wood to get the typical rich and peaty taste.
English Breakfast (100% Organic) AED 18
Black Tea Blend - finest blend of Assam, Ceylon and Chineese whole leaf tea.
Keemun Imperial Saffron AED 30
Black Tea - Finesh keemun black tea combined with high quality saffron and green cardamon.
Majestic Earl Grey AED 18
Black Tea - A classic tea made of essence of bergamot orange and finest organic black tea (partially organic).
Dates & Sandalwood AED 18
Black Tea - mouthwatering oriental blend of finest organic black tea, dates and sandalwood (partially organic).
Chamomile Cooler AED 18
Herbal - Finest whole Charmomile flowers combined with refreshing peppermint.
Organic Ginger Breeze AED 18
Herbal - Botanical mix of ginger, lemongrass, orange peel, hibiscus and liquorice.
tea tea

Blooming Tea

Peach Camilla AED 25
White Tea - Vibrant flowers and fresh silver needle tea unfold in a sweet scent of peach.
Mint Bouquet AED 25
White Tea - Vibrant flowers and fresh silver needle tea unfold in a sweet scent of fresh mint.

Iced Teas

Apple Elderflower Cocktail AED 20 for 1 or AED 38 for 2
Fruit infusion / Iced Tea - Delicious mix of fruits and hibiscus infused with elderflower.
Rush Hour Berry AED 20 for 1 or AED 38 for 2
Fruit infusion - Mouthwatering combination of flavourful garden and luscious forest berries.


Our Speciality coffee is crafted to perfection by our professionally trained baristas, the best aromatic beans have been chosen to give your palate a smooth and round finishing taste. The brew in your cup is organic, etheically traded and freshly roasted at a local rastery.

Name Single Double
Expresso AED 17 AED 19
Ristretto AED 17 AED 19
Macchiato AED 19 AED 21
Cappuccino AED 21 AED 23
Turkish Coffee AED 14 AED 18
Long Black AED 19
Flat White AED 19
Latte AED 22
Mocha Latte AED 24
Ice Coffee (with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream) AED 20

Hot Chocolate

Signature Hot Chocolate AED 18
Signature Ice ChocolateAED 21
Served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
Speciality Ice Chocolate AED 35
Served with vanilla and chocolate ice cream and whipped cream.


Watermelon Cooler AED 20
A truly refreshing sweet watermelon drink with sprite and a hint of citrus.
DawnAED 19
Refreshing drink with fresh orange juice stirred with pomegranate syrup.
Mango Mule AED 19
A sweet mango drink with a refreshing ginger ale and bits.
Hibiscus Soda AED 25
A natural hibiscus flavoured bubbly drink leaving you refreshed.
ice cream


A classic drink made with muddled lime, sweet syrup and refreshing mint topped with bubbles.

Available in the following flavours:

Classic AED 19
Mixed BerriesAED 22
Pineapple - Pear AED 20
Apple - Kiwi AED 20
Vimto AED 20
ice cream


Matcha Blueberry BananaAED 25
Blueberry, banana, matcha tea and yogurt.
Apple Strawberry Kiwi AED 25
Apple, Strawberry, kiwi and yogurt.
Tutti Frutti AED 25
Red berries, banana, orange and yogurt.
Two Seasons AED 25
Mango, orange, strawberry, banana and yogurt.
ice cream

Fresh Juices

Avacado AED 20
LemonAED 20
Lemon & Mint AED 20
Mango AED 20
Orange AED 20
Pineapple AED 20
Pomegranate AED 22
Strawyberry AED 20
Watermelon AED 20
ice cream

Soft Drinks

Pepsi AED 7
Diet Pepsi AED 7
Miranda AED 7
7up AED 7
Diet 7up AED 7
Mountain Dew AED 7



Evian 0.33L AED 14
Evian 0.75L AED 21


Badoit 0.33L AED 25
Badoit 0.75L AED 35


Mai Dubai 0.33L AED 10
Mai Dubai 0.75L AED 18


Single Flavours

Blueberry AED 60
Cappuccino AED 60
Cherry AED 60
Double Apple AED 60
Grape AED 60
Mastix AED 60
Melon AED 60
Mint AED 60
Orange AED 60
Plum AED 60
Pomegranate AED 60
Strawberry AED 60
Watermelon AED 60

Blended Flavours

Apple Mint AED 60
Cherry Mint AED 60
Chewing Gum - Mint AED 60
Chocolate - Mint AED 60
Grape - Blueberry AED 60
Grape - Mint AED 60
Lemon - Mint AED 60
Orange - Mint AED 60
Rose - Mint AED 60
Watermelon - Mint AED 60

Speciality Flavours

Shisha Al Sultan AED 70
Shisha Fresh AED 70